So, you found a painted rock and want to know what it is all about. Well, you came to the right place! This is a community art project featuring art in public places.

Not in Arizona? No problem, we also have a national site – http://USARocks.info – you can visit that site too, but the information is largely the same.

Our goal is to get lots of people painting, hiding and finding art! There are no prizes other than the joy and fun of sharing art with the community. We’ve hidden some starter rocks around town, so when you’re out and about biking, walking, skating, or hunting Pokemon, keep your eyes open! When you spot one, take a selfie with it to post to this page and re-hide it somewhere else. That’s it! And please, paint some more rocks of your own to hide for others to find! It makes a great family project.

Rock Painting and Hiding Tips

  • Once you’ve found a rock, please re-hide it for the next person to find, and include a clue(optional) to where it’s hidden in your photo post on this page.
  • Smooth sandstone works great. Look at waterways for smooth rocks and unique shapes. Let the rock talk to you!!
  • Please refrain from taking rocks from other folks’ landscaping. Do not collect rocks in national parks and monuments or in State parks – it is illegal.
  • Clean the rocks and let dry – this helps the paint stick. Use acrylic, oil, enamel paints or markers if you like. Acrylic dries the fastest and a 2oz bottle is very inexpensive and will last and last.
  • A product called a “Sharpie pen” (not marker) can be found in most office supply areas. I have used this with success to write “Post Pic to Sahuarita Rocks” (or your local neighborhood Facebook Group) on the back of the stone. It will also work over paint for fine details. please include fb icon-Blue or white square with the opposite color. Remember: family-friendly art!
  • After creating your unique art – seal the rock on all sides. An inexpensive sealer is Rust-oleum crystal clear enamel. Usually under $4. This will seal a lot of rocks!
  • On hiding – Safety First – don’t hide them where you have to climb, crawl, or where someone could trip on them. Remember we have lots of children looking for these. Hiding in plain sight is the most fun. High traffic pedestrian areas are great. Rocks are HAPPY outside so lets keep them out of the stores.
  • Art reflects the opinions and attitudes of the individual artists, and not those of the page administrators.
  • In order to help those who find the rocks to understand what they have found, we suggest writing or painting “AZRocks.Info” somewhere on the rocks.



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